Juan Proll

For Juan, travelling has always been a passion. He spent three years in Latin America, two years in Oceania and Southeast Asia and shorter terms of up to 9 months in various European and North African countries. He worked as teacher in adult education centres and as the head of a competence centre for migrant matters before he moved to South Africa in 2011 to be trained as a nature guide. Since then he has mainly been working as a tour guide in Southern Africa, though he also gathered experience as a sales manager. He is a member of the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa and speaks German, English and Spanish. Juan finds all animals interesting, even ant lions and termites.


Ivan Narib

Ivan grew up in Walvis Bay, close to Swakopmund and has been a passionate tourism professional since 1999. He knows the ins and outs of Namibia, having guided in Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast and Torra Conservancy in the west, Etosha National Park in the north and Zambezi Region in the east, where he spent a total of five years. Despite his extensive experience, he remains eager to discover new sights and adventures to share with his clients. As a German and English speaking guide, he has also explored neighbouring countries and worked as a guide in Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Daniel Khomob

Daniel brings with him all the skills and passion required to be an exceptional tour guide: he has ample experience and knowledge about all the highlights and lesser known sights of Namibia; he is also a linguistic genius fluent in English, Afrikaans, German, Herero, Himba and Damara/Nama. On top of all of this, he loves photography and makes sure guests always have the best spot to take great photos. As Hai//om San, he is also known as Ou Xam, which means Uncle Lion. Over the past ten years, Daniel has guided in all regions of Namibia, holding the National Tour Guide Certificate from the renowned Tour and Safari Association of Namibia. He also worked as guide in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. However, his favourite places to show his travellers are still on home soil: Sossusvlei, Kaokoland, Damaraland and Etosha National Park.