Juan Proll

For Juan, travelling has always been a passion. He spent three years in Latin America, two years in Oceania and Southeast Asia and shorter terms of up to 9 months in various European and North African countries. He worked as teacher in adult education centres and as the head of a competence centre for migrant matters before he moved to South Africa in 2011 to be trained as a nature guide. Since then he has mainly been working as a tour guide in Southern Africa, though he also gathered experience as a sales manager. He is a member of the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa. Juan finds all animals interesting, even ant lions and termites.

Juan speaks German, English and Spanish.

Sonja Sagell

Sonja started her career in lodge management but quickly realised that she longs to be in nature, not behind a desk. In 2017 she joined the Namibia-Experience team as tour guide. Born in northern Namibia, Sonja then grew up in the Waterberg Region. Most of her childhood days were spent in the great outdoors, exploring Namibia together with her family. Today, sharing her love for her home country with our guests is what makes tour guiding such a rewarding experience for her. In addition to her in-depth knowledge of Namibia’s flora, fauna and history, her accommodating and hands-on character as well as her extensive experience in Namibian travel make her a favourite amongst our guests.

Sonja speaks English, German and Afrikaans.

Lucian Fineberg

Lucian grew up in the coastal town of Swakopmund, visiting his uncle on his farm near Windhoek on every opportunity. His love for the great outdoors and nature grew and ten years ago he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a tour guide. Since 2016, he is part of the Namibia-Experience team. He not only knows Namibia like the back of his hand but has also guided travellers through South Africa and Botswana. His favourite place however will always be home, be Namibia. Lucian understands that his guests sometimes struggle to let go off a stressful daily life back home when arriving in Namibia. He makes sure you can leave the rest of the world behind and fully immerse yourself in this magical experience. Make sure to ask Lucian about all things plants as he is passionate about this field and by the time you leave for home, you will be too.

Lucian speaks English, German and Afrikaans.

Armin Schuff

Respecting nature and protecting Namibia’s fragile ecosystems – this is what Armin sets out to live in his everyday life and to share with his guests from around the world, making him a passionate tour guide and a very valuable member of our team. Being born and raised in Namibia, he completed his education in Germany before returning home and starting his guiding career in 2007. Armin has been part of our team since 2015. When on tour with his guests, he shares his expert knowledge of the region’s wildlife and the delicate symbiosis of flora and fauna underneath its conspicuous beauty. Travelling with Armin, you will come to appreciate nature in a whole new way. One of his favourite places is the coastal town of Swakopmund with its fresh air and delicious sea food. Armin has also guided in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, but above all wants to share his love for his home country Namibia with you.

Armin speaks English, German and Afrikaans.