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Hot air balloon flying across Namib desert sunrise

Balloon Safaris in Namibia

A bucket list experience in the skies of the Namib Desert


A colourfully striped balloon takes you across a sea of dunes, rolling hills and vast plains like a magic carpet carried into the cool morning sun by the desert winds – balloon safaris in Namibia are a truly spectacular experience. Your adventure starts in the early morning hours as you climb into a basket, anticipation in your tummy, the giant balloon inflated above you, not knowing where the winds will take you. Leave the rest of the world behind and get carried away!

Balloon landing in the Namib Desert Namib Sky
Who should go

All those who are looking for a highlight and genuine wow-moments on their Namibia trip

It’s not every day that you take off into the skies of Namibia, flying across the Namib Desert. Balloon safaris are a wonderful experience for honeymooners, photographers and anyone who wants to be swept off their feet and experience a real highlight during their trip. Families with children can also join a balloon flight, but children need to be 1.20m (4 feet) or taller to see above the basket.

  • Honeymooners
  • Photographers
  • Serenity Seekers
Desert landscape and balloon on horizon


We work with a reliable partner who has been operating in the Namib Desert for more than 25 years. The launch site depends on the weather conditions and is decided on by the pilot the night before the flight.

There are two main launch locations: between Sesriem and Sossusvlei and in the northern part of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. As on any balloon flights, the exact route of your flight and landing spot is determined by the wind. No worries: After your flight and champagne breakfast, you will be taken back to your lodge or meeting point.

When to go

You can go on Sossusvlei ballooning safaris all year-round, except for January 15 to February 15 when the activity does not take place. Ballooning all over the world is strictly dependent on weather conditions – luckily, the early morning hours of the Namib offer great and stable conditions. Dry weather, good visibility, light but consistent winds are needed for a comfortable flight. The flight starts at sunrise, and you need to arrive at the meeting point at least half an hour before take-off. The flight itself takes about one hour, followed by a champagne breakfast in the desert. You will be back at your lodge or the meeting point between 10 and 11am. If the flight has to be cancelled due to weather conditions – safety is an absolute priority – you will be refunded or can postpone to the next available date.


If you’ve ever wanted to take a ride on a magic carpet, flying above natural wonders so enchanting and dazzlingly beautiful that you’ll be lost for words, a balloon safari in the Namib Desert will be the closest you might ever get to it. Take a break from the rest of the world and take to the skies! We can integrate a balloon safari as optional add-on to any of our private tours.


Sossusvlei Lodge – Your gateway to the Namib

We recommend staying at the beautiful Sossusvlei Lodge if you would like to go on a ballooning safari. The lodge is ideally located at the entrance to the Namib-Naukluft National Park and offers different accommodation options as well as a swimming pool, sundowner deck, and an al fresco restaurant. Additionally to balloon rides, Sossusvlei Lodge also organises other activities such as helicopter rides and scenic flights, excursions to Deadvlei, Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon as well as sundowner and nature drives and guided walks. Of course, there are alternative lodges and camps which we will happily present to you as well.

Sossusvlei Lodge Superior Unit

Sossusvlei Lodge Taleni

Sossusvlei Lodge Taleni Junior Suite

Sossusvlei Lodge Taleni Junior Suite

Sossusvlei Lodge Taleni pool area

Sossusvlei Lodge Taleni Pool Area

What to expect on ballooning safaris in Namibia

Is ballooning in Namibia safe?

Our guests’ safety is our first priority always. That’s why we work with a well-known and reliable partner in the Namib. They have been operating balloon safaris in this area for more than 25 years and have not had an incident to date. Their pilots hold commercial pilot licenses and are highly experienced. The wide-open spaces of the Namib are the ideal location to operate balloon safaris as no power lines, buildings or other obstacles might pose a safety risk.

Sand dunes from above

No matter which route the winds will take you, the views are breathtakingly beautiful.

Balloon on the ground after landing

We work with a reliable and experienced partner in the Namib Desert.

Champagne breakfast after balloon safari namibia

After your one-hour flight, you can enjoy a champagne breakfast in the middle of nature.

Can children go on balloon safaris?

Whether children can join a balloon ride depends on their height rather than their age. To be able to see above the balloon’s basket, they need to be at least 1.20m (4 feet) tall. Children who don’t participate in the flight can join the ground crew, following the balloon and join their parents for the champagne breakfast.

What else should I know before booking a balloon safari in Namibia?

While you don’t need to be super fit to join a flight, you need to be able to stand for at least one hour as well as be able to squat down in windy conditions. Most landings are smooth, but in some cases the basket will tip over and you will land lying on the side.

Many people who are afraid of heights report that they don’t feel vertigo on balloon rides. The ride is very tranquil and steady as the balloon flies as fast or slow as the wind blows.

Red sand dunes from above seen on balloon safari

Amazing opportunities for nature photography in the morning sun.

Striped balloon in morning sun
Bucket list experience

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for that WOW moment you’ve been longing for.

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Namibia travel expert
Sand dunes Namibia

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