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Namibia Family Safari

Travelling to Namibia with children


The warm campfire crackles and the distant stars begin to twinkle in the sky as the scent of hot chocolate fills the air and you recall the moment an elephant family crossed the road this morning – right in front of your safari car. A Namibia family holiday is everything: an adventure, a learning experience, an opportunity to reconnect and to make memories. Not your typical holiday destination for families at first sight, those who have been on a family safari know Namibia as a family friendly outdoor destination that caters for older as well as younger children. Jump from high dunes, learn about reptiles, meet wild horses, go kayaking and spend a day by the swimming pool.

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Who should go

Open-minded and flexible families with some travel experience will enjoy a Namibia family safari

While kids 6 years and older can join our family group tours, there is no strict minimum age for younger children to go on a private Namibia family holiday. Every child is different, and you know them best. A trip to Namibia will also be an exciting adventure for teenagers as there are various activities to choose from. If you’re looking for a “last” trip as a family before your children go their own way, Namibia will sure be a destination to make long-lasting memories.

  • Open-minded and flexible families
  • Adventurers
  • Active Families
  • Children with some travel experience
Cape fur seals in Namibia


You can experience the classic Namibia sights on your family safari – from Sossusvlei to Etosha National Park, there is no place we would recommend families not to visit. Overall, Namibia offers many opportunities to get out of the car and go on short walks to break up the sometimes long hours in the car. The coastal town of Swakopmund by the Atlantic Ocean is a special highlight for children of all ages: boat cruises to a cape fur seal colony, quad biking or sand boarding tours in the desert, fun and educational tours to discover life in the desert – there is much to see and do.

When to go

Namibia has a dry and warm climate all year round and is considered one of the countries in Africa with the lowest risk of malaria. No matter the month you choose to travel: Always pack high quality sunglasses for toddlers, teenagers, and anyone in between. While Namibia is an all-year travel destination for families, there are a few things to consider when deciding on your travel dates.

Zebras at waterhole

Dry Season

July to OctoberBest for safaris in Etosha National Park with lowest malaria risk

July to OctoberBest for safaris in Etosha National Park with lowest malaria risk

If you and your children are looking for exciting wildlife adventures in Etosha National Park, you will have the best chances for sightings during the dry season between June and October. During this time, animals congregate around the waterholes where you can spend time observing their behaviour – these more predictable sightings help with younger safari-goers who may not always have the patience of scouting the bush for hours on end. Since it’s so dry, the chances of encountering any mosquitos in Etosha is very low – as is consequently the risk of getting malaria. Temperatures in the dry season are warm, but not too hot, another added benefit. It is also the most popular time to travel. Therefore, if you want to stay in one of the more limited family or interconnecting rooms, do book well in advance.

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Green Season

November to MayBest for short-notice bookings and lower rates

November to MayBest for short-notice bookings and lower rates

A rainy holiday is probably not what you’re looking for in your family safari to Namibia. And don’t worry, it’s not what you’re going to get even during the “rainy season”. The green season as we prefer to call it brings localised showers usually in the afternoon that may be strong but are generally short. The upsides of the green low season: You can benefit from lower rates at camps and lodges, there are even fewer tourists travelling the country and you might get your preferred accommodations even at very short notice. The downside of travelling during this time: It can get very hot and humid. Especially the months December to February see temperatures between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius (86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit).


No appointments, no tight schedule, just time as a family, discovering new experiences, making memories and enjoying the little moments. Your family holiday in Namibia will be one for the books.



You can choose between different accommodation styles, all suitable for families and all unique in their own way: spend a few days on a family-run guest farm, learn about local farm life and explore the picturesque surroundings on foot. Go camping and sleep under canvas, listening to the sounds of the bush. Stay at a coastal B&B or book a night at a tented camp in the desert. Some camps offer family tents or interconnecting rooms which families with younger children may prefer. Many places offer exciting activities from game drives to nature walks and star gazing sessions to explore the Milky Way in the starry night sky.

Family room at Etango Guest Farm

Etango Ranch Guest Farm

Tents at Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp

Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp

Otjiwa Lodge Namibia

Otjiwa Lodge

Campfire at Namibgrens Guestfarm

Namibgrens Guest Farm

Organic Square Guesthouse

Organic Stay Guesthouse

Sesriem Campsite Sossusvlei

Sesriem Campsite

Highlights of a Namibia safari for families

What to expect when travelling to Namibia with kids

Travelling to Namibia with your children is a special experience and likely not a holiday you will book every other year. It’s a trip to remember. Namibia is a destination for families who like to spend time outdoors, explore and be active. There are things to consider such as long driving distances and warm temperatures, but our experienced travel experts will advise you and put together the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, learning experience and lots of fun.

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You can explore Namibia together with a professional guide on guided family safaris or go on a self-drive road trip in a rental car.

Camping in a tent on a Namibia family safari

There are different accommodation options from adventure camping, guest farms, guesthouses, camps, lodges or a mix of all of the above.

Boat cruise at sunset

From boat trips to hiking trips, game drives and beach days – Namibia’s great outdoors offers many activity options for all ages.

How to experience your family safari in Namibia

There are two types of tours chosen by most families when travelling Namibia with children: self-drive tours and guided tours. To cut driving distances and spend less time on the road, some families may also opt for a fly-in safari, which however is more expensive.

On self-drive tours, you drive in a rental car from one destination to the next. You can stop along the way whenever you need to. There are numerous rental car agencies in Windhoek, and you can choose the type and size of your rental car to make sure you travel comfortably, feel safe and have enough space. Since driving distances are usually long, you should be an experienced driver and know how to change a tire. Safari lodges often offer guided game drives which means you can join an experienced guide in a safari vehicle when looking for desert adapted elephants in the Damaraland or lions in Etosha National Park, instead of driving yourself. While other travellers may join you on these guided activities, a self-drive tour is generally a private tour for just you and your family.

On guided tours, you travel in one of our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers. Your driver is also your guide. You can hand over all responsibility to your guide, lean back and relax. Our guides are locals and know the country like the back of their hand; they are your window to Namibia and will share many interesting details and anecdotes about flora, fauna, and local life. Many of our guides have children themselves and, more often than not, you will meet a guide and say farewell to a friend.

On guided tours, you can choose between group tours and private tours. On private tours, it’s just you, your family and your guide; we tailor-make the itinerary according to your wishes and you can choose start and end date. Our group tours on the other hand start on specific dates and you will be joined by other travellers and other families, for example on our 14-day Namibia Family Tour.

What to see and do on a Namibia family holiday

One may be forgiven to think Namibia is simply just a desert country, but there is a lot more to it! The Namib Desert alone will give adults and children of all ages plenty of activities to choose from: Climbing up and running down the towering sand dune Big Daddy in Sossusvlei, practicing your photography skills in Deadvlei, joining a Little Five tour or going on a fat bike tour in Swakopmund.

At the AfriCat Foundation in Okonjima Nature Reserve, you can learn about wildlife conservation and support important research projects at the same time. Interactive nature trails are especially popular with young wildlife enthusiasts; on guided game drives you have good chances to spot the elusive leopard and the rare brown hyena. It’s a true gem in Namibian conservation and we’ve had incredible feedback from families staying here.

Namibia’s coast offers a welcome change of scenery – instead of overlooking a sea of dunes, you will overlook an actual ocean. This brings with it an opportunity to enjoy water-based activities such as a catamaran tour to the cape fur seal colony or a kayaking tour starting at Pelican Point in Walvis Bay. At the Skeleton Coast further North, shipwrecks tell mystical stories of times gone by.

Hiking in the Naukluft Mountains, going on game drives in Etosha National Park, building a campfire, tracking black rhino, making a toothbrush out of a tree branch, taking a dip in the swimming pool – there is one thing most activities have in common: They take place outside in Namibia’s great outdoors. A place we often don’t spend enough time during our over-scheduled lives.

How to plan your family safari in Namibia

Unless you’re a very adventurous and well-travelled family, we wouldn’t advise you to just wing it on your Namibia family holiday. Namibia is considered a very safe travel destination, but thoughtful planning and booking accommodations in advance will greatly contribute to your overall peace of mind and holiday feel. Driving distances are long and with younger children in tow you will want to carefully choose your accommodation options.

We recommend taking it at a slower pace, spending several nights in one place instead of changing your location every day. Choosing accommodations that have a swimming pool from time to time will be a highlight after a dusty day on the road for most children (and adults!).

Our experienced travel experts will advise you on family-friendly accommodations, activities and itineraries. Together, you will plan an adventurous, exciting and memorable Namibia family holiday. Just get in touch!

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