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Namibia Hiking Trips

Experience Namibia on foot and follow its picturesque hiking trails in the great outdoors

Your Namibia hiking trip

Lace up your hiking boots, grab a sun hat and a bottle of water and explore Namibia on foot. Namibia is a fantastic hiking destination for those seeking an adventure off the beaten track. With a variety of hikes on offer and the almost obligatory sundowner with an epic view, you get a real feel for Namibia, soaking in all of its beauty. Whether you want to add the occasional shorter day hike to your safari itinerary, do a multiple day hiking trip sleeping in a tent, or make the best hiking destinations in the country the focus of your whole trip – you can tailor your Namibia hiking trip to your wishes and level of fitness.

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Best Namibia Hiking Trips



Accommodations vary from charming and intimate guest farms on a lodge hiking tour to camping out in the Namib before falling asleep under the stars on the Tok Tokkie Trail. Whether you sleep under the open sky, in a tent, or in a room with four stone walls – on our hiking trips, we choose accommodations that let you experience the closeness to nature. Built in stunning locations, they blend in with their natural surroundings, made of natural building materials and colours. Many guest farms offer guided nature walks and have well-marked trails on their farms for you to enjoy a relaxed walk to a sundowner viewpoint.

Vingerklip Lodge at foot of large rock formations

Accommodations such as the Vingerklip Lodge are set in stunning locations in the middle of nature.

Interior of room at The Elegant Desert Lodge

On a lodge hiking tour, you will overnight in tented camps and lodges such as the Elegant Desert Lodge, where you can expect attentive service and comfortable rooms.

Swimming pool at Vingerklip Lodge after hiking trip

Some camps may even have a pool where you can take a swim after a long day hiking.

Beds on Tok Tokkie hiking trail

When hiking the Tok Tokkie Trail, you will sleep under the open sky in the middle of the Namib Desert – a memorable experience.

Hiking tour and camping at Spitzkoppe night sky campfire

You also have the option to go camping on a self-drive or guided tour, enjoying an authentic bush experience.

What to expect on a Namibia hiking trip

There are different ways to go on trekking holidays in Namibia: you can go on a self-drive trip and incorporate full-day or half-day hikes into your itinerary. In many locations you can walk by yourself without a guide. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour and be joined by a professional guide who is also your driver and enjoy all the advantages that a guided tour brings. On private guided as well as self-drive trips, you are flexible to create a tailor-made itinerary and focus exclusively on hiking or mix and match with other activities.

Along the way, you will have the perfect balance of staying active on plenty of hikes, as well as sitting back and relaxing in comfortable surroundings. With a trained guide by your side, sharing their local knowledge with you each step of the way, you will find a new appreciation for Namibia.

On most hiking trips, you spend the day on hikes lasting several hours and return to your lodge or campsite in the evening. Here, you can have a shower, relax, and enjoy a delicious dinner. There are certain hikes – such as the 3-day Tok Tokkie Trail or seasonal 5-day Fish River Canyon hike – where you spend multiple days and nights in the great outdoors. Instead of returning to your accommodation, you overnight under the open sky or in a tent. Your luggage is waiting for you at the starting point or being driven to an agreed location.

Where to go and what to see on Namibia hiking trips?

In a country as vast and wide and sparsely populated as Namibia, there is plenty of space to stretch your legs on idyllic and remote hiking trails. The 3-day Tok Tokkie trail takes you to the Namib Desert, while the 5-day Fish River Canyon hike takes you to the second largest canyon in the world. The ruggedness of the Damaraland, the green landscapes of the Waterberg, the desolation of the moon landscape and the deep ravines of the Namib-Naukluft are just some of the further possible highlights which await you on a Namibian hiking tour. Hiking tours are also offered in the Palmwag Concession closer to the mystic Skeleton Coast. The Erongo Mountains in the heart of Namibia are another popular area for hikers.

You can look forward to amazing views as far as your eyes can see. If you’re interested in geology, the rock formations and granite boulders will tell you the story of thousands of years gone by. In certain areas, you can even walk to sites of ancient rock art paintings, learning more about the life of the San/Bushmen. Not only can you expect to marvel at beautiful landscapes, but you will also encounter wildlife on our hiking tours. Namibia’s wildlife is never far away and its ability to survive in even the harshest conditions can fascinate. Look out for mountain zebras, oryx antelopes or kudus.

Of course, you can also add classic activities to your Namibia hiking trip: spend a few days in Etosha National Park and join guided game drives looking for elephants and lions or spend time by the Atlantic Coast in Swakopmund enjoying the many adventure activities and fresh ocean breeze.

Who should go on a trekking holiday in Namibia?

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy a hiking tour in Namibia. If you book a private guided tour or self-drive trip, we can tailor your hikes to your fitness level. Hiking trips are also great fun for children and the whole family as there is always something to discover along the way. If you’re travelling as a couple or in a group with different interests, note that you can add hikes to any regular Namibia itinerary as well. You don’t have to book a designated hiking tour, if some in your group prefer to spend time looking for wildlife in the national parks or just sit back and enjoy the view. Instead, mix and match and enjoy all that Namibia has to offer!

For a hiking holiday in Namibia, you should be surefooted and be aware that it can get quite warm during the day. Always bring well broken-in hiking boots, a sunhat, and sunglasses (also for the kids!), sunscreen and large water bottles. As a nice extra bring a pair of binoculars and swimwear – you never know. If you go on a multi-day hike or start your day’s hike in the early morning hours, do bring warm layers as well.

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Have a look at our guided tours, if you want to get to know Namibia together with a local guide.

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