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The ultimate tour vehicle

Sand, gravel or rocks – you will reach your destination


On Namibia’s long and lonely roads, you want a reliable partner by your side. On our guided tours, you can choose between a Toyota Land Cruiser (up to 7 guests, plus guide) and a Toyota Hilux Dakar or Toyota Fortuner (up to 3 guests, plus guide). Both vehicle types are driven by our experienced driver-guides and adapted perfectly to the rough conditions, bumpy roads, and deep sand. So you can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip!

4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser tour vehicle

Our 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers offer window-seats, air-conditioning, a fridge, and sockets to charge your electronic devices.

Photographer in tour vehicle

The pop-up roof and front hatch are perfect for wildlife sightings on safari.

Camping vehicle and trailer

On camping tours, we store the camping equipment and provisions in a trailer.

Toyota Hilux Dakar 4x4 tour vehicle

If you travel as a group of 3 or fewer, you have the option to choose a Toyota Hilux Dakar instead. Our Hilux Dakars are equipped with a cool box, air-conditioning, and USB charging slots.

Toyota Hilux tour vehicle on gravel road

While smaller, the Hilux Dakar is the more cost-effective option for a guided tour with 3 or fewer guests, plus driver-guide.

Toyota Fortuner tour vehicle

Our Toyota Fortuner tour vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser tour vehicle


The detailed design of our Toyota Land Cruisers reflects many years of experience travelling the roads, mountain passes and bush tracks of Namibia. The goal has always been to create a comfortable, safe as well as practical tour vehicle.

  • Large sliding windows, pop-up roof and front hatch for undisturbed views and photography
  • Six single seats with arm rest and seat belt
  • Safari fridge to keep your drinks cool
  • Electric sockets to charge your phone and camera
  • Strong engines to explore the bush off the beaten track


The Toyota Land Cruiser

On most of our safaris we make use of specially designed and customized Toyota Land Cruisers. We have put a lot of thought into adapting them as required for the African bush (including the often-rough conditions and roads), and also with a view to providing maximum comfort while ensuring the best safari experience for our guests.

Our safari vehicles have large sliding windows and pop-up roofs, for great game viewing and vistas, as well as fantastic opportunities for safe and undisturbed photography while on game drives.

The passenger compartment is equipped with six individual and comfortable seats guaranteeing a window seat for each guest. In addition, a seventh seat is available next to the guide. All our vehicles are fitted with a safari fridge, powered by the car battery, for keeping your drinks cold and refreshing.

220 Volt electric sockets for battery chargers ensure that you won’t have any flat batteries, so there should be no unwanted interruptions to capturing the special moments you will experience on your safari.

The Toyota Hilux Dakar & Toyota Fortuner

If you are looking for a more economical option for your guided tour, you can choose to travel in our Toyota Hilux Dakar and Toyota Fortunter. Your driver-guide will sit behind the wheel and take you safely across the long gravel roads.

Hilux & Fortuner tours are available for groups of up to three guests – two guests seated in the back and one guest seated in the front next to the driver-guide. This means you will have a guaranteed window-seat.

Since the passenger compartment is much smaller than in our Land Cruisers, the air-conditioning kicks in faster and it is a bit quieter making it easier to hear the commentary and explanations of your driver-guide while on the road.

The powerful engines of our vehicles allow us to traverse any terrain, be it on or off the beaten track. After every tour the motor is thoroughly serviced to ensure continued reliability. Your comfort and safety are our first priority.


Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances or during the peak or high season, we reserve the right to make use of rental vehicles that are similar, but may not have the exact same equipment that is found in our specialised vehicles.

Types of luggage

As there is limited space available in the luggage compartment, we ask all our guests to restrict their luggage to 15 kg in weight. Please use a soft-shell bag, not a hard-shell suitcase. Soft bags take up a lot less space than suitcases. Luggage that won’t be needed on safari can be stored in our office in Windhoek.

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