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Mia Hald

Namibia Travel Expert

Mia Hald Namibia Travel Expert

As a tour guide for a Danish tour operator, Mia spent 10 years exploring Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Europe, and China. After many years on the road, she is now an integral part of our office team of travel experts; her experience as a guide has taught her how important it is to communicate a clear picture of each trip to her guests. Passing on the joy of travel comes naturally to Mia as she loves spending time out and about in nature. She is a passionate photographer and will bring her camera wherever she goes. Mia has travelled the length and breadth of Namibia, fascinated by the generous landscapes and harsh contrasts from the Fish River Canyon to the Zambezi Region.

Zebra closeup Namibia
Namibia travel expert
Sand dunes Namibia

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