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What to do in Namibia

The most popular adventure and tourist activities in Namibia

What to do in Namibia – sightseeing activities

Namibia is known for its stunning desert landscapes, memorable sunsets, and wildlife encounters. But when considering what to do in Namibia, there are many ways to personalise your Namibia trip by adding different activities to your itinerary. While you will spend many hours on lonely roads in the car (and that’s what makes an authentic Namibia trip!), there are plenty of opportunities to stop along the way and explore your surroundings.

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Desert Tours

The towering sand dunes of the Sossusvlei area and the adventure activities in Namibia’s desert around Swakopmund make for serene as well as exciting activities to do in Namibia. In the Sossusvlei area of the Namib Desert, you see the iconic Deadvlei as well as the Sesriem Canyon. Watching the sun rise from Dune 45 and running down the steep sandy slopes of Big Daddy is an experience not easily forgotten. In the Swakopmund area, you can experience the desert on quad bikes and fat bike tours, meet the Little Five on Living Desert Tours, and see the dunes from above on a scenic flight.

Ideal for | Active Travellers, Adventurers, Nature Lovers
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Balloon Safaris

Magical moments between tranquility and excitement make a balloon safari in Namibia a bucket list experience. High in the sky, you glide across the mighty Namib Desert wherever the wind will take you. If you’re a photographer, honeymooner or just want to experience a genuine wow-moment, a balloon safari should be on your list of things to do in Namibia. There are two launch sites: between Sesriem and Sossusvlei, and in the northern part of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. Flights begin early in the morning and end with a champagne breakfast under the open sky in the middle of the desert.

Ideal for | Honeymooners, Photographers, Serenity Seekers
Namibia night sky stargazing tours

Stargazing Tours

Lose yourself in the endless universe under Namibia’s sparkly night sky. Stargazing tours are one of the most magical things to do in Namibia. Thanks to the very low population density, light pollution is at a minimum making it an ideal destination for astrophotography. Some accommodations have observatories equipped with telescopes for their guests to use while an astro guide takes you on a journey amongst the stars. There are even lodges and camps that arrange for you to sleep outside in a cosy bed on your private terrace – under the open sky, a million stars twinkling in the sky.

Ideal for | Photographers, Serenity Seekers, Nature Lovers
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Hiking Trips

Hiking trips may be a surprising activity on the list of things to do in Namibia – but there is more to Namibia than hot and dusty desert trails. You will find picturesque hiking trails leading across gentle hills and idyllic farmland, down a steep canyon, and up to viewing points where the panorama will take your breath away. You can add occasional shorter and day-hikes to your trip or go on multi-day-hikes, camping out in the middle of nature. On some hikes, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide, others you can also walk alone. Hiking trips are one of the tourist activities in Namibia we can’t recommend enough!

Ideal for | Nature Lovers, Active Travelers, Namibia Newbies & Returnees
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