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Simon Ntinda

Tour Guide

Simon Ntinda Namibia tour guide

Being on the road, spending time in nature and letting his guests see the beauty of Namibia as he sees it – Simon made his life’s dream come true when he became a tour guide in 2011. Starting out as a gardener at a lodge in 2005, he knew he wanted to change career tracks and worked long and hard to accomplish his goal of becoming a certified tour guide. Simon grew up in Namibia’s remote north, close to the Angolan border, and went to school in the small town of Karasburg in the south. Today, he is one of the most passionate tour guides you can find, as he will share his love for his beautiful home country with you. Simon is an expert in Namibian history. His favourite places are Swakopmund, Etosha National Park and the Erongo Region. In his free-time, Simon enjoys playing soccer.

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