River Rafting

Orange River Rafting

Enjoy the rapids and rugged desert landscapes of the Richtersveld on an exhilarating rafting trip down the beautiful Orange River. Cook on the campfire and fall asleep beneath the stars, surrounded by complete stillness. Then wake up and do it all again.

Desert Trips

Desert Tours

Experience the wonders of the Namib Desert from a more intimate and unadulterated perspective. Take in the astonishing landscapes and marvel at the surprisingly intricate web of flora and fauna.


Catamaran Trips

Namibia’s wonders do not cease when you reach the aptly-named Skeleton Coast. There is plenty more to be seen out at sea, including fascinating marine life, and a Catamaran trip is an exciting way to experience this wild coastline beyond the abandoned beaches.

Quad biking

Quad Biking

For the petrol heads out there, conquer Namibia’s desert dunes on a quad bike, a great, easy and fun way to traverse the remarkable Namib Desert, not far from the interesting town of Swakopmund.