Feedback from Tobias Höflich


visited Namibia on an individual self-drive tour

Hello Namibia-Experience team,

Yesterday, we returned from our trip through Namibia, which we booked with you. Thank you very much for a well thought-through itinerary and the great accommodation! We especially enjoyed the Onduruquea and Vreudge Guest Farms – a wonderful atmosphere! You don’t feel as an ordinary tourist, but are treated as a real guest, having dinner together etc.

Just one suggestion: instead of two overnight stays in the state-run camps in Etosha (we stayed at Halali), I would recommend private accommodation in the area. One does have a longer travelling distance to the national park, but the quality is better and the staff friendlier.

I would suggest to spend one night in the state-run camp – just to see the difference – and then spend the second night at for example the Vreudge Guest Farm. Just a suggestion from my side.

I have shared a few photos of my travels in a public album on Facebook!

Kind regards,

Tobias Höflich