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This was my first guided tour ever. I travelled first in Botswana with Holger the owner, who is the best cook ever. Lesley the guide, very knowledgeable. Explains everything in great detail, knows a whole lot about animals, plants, people and culture. Very patient and loves his job. The tour was perfectly organized through the team. Thank you to all for providing such great service. The cars we used were specifically adapted for this kind of trip, comfortable and practical.

After Botswana, because of the wonderful experience I’d have had so far, I decided to continue the trip into Namibia, this time organized by Sven. That too was really great. Sven was very helpful in finding the right vehicle, I was lucky and got Lesley as guide for this part of the trip also. Sven accompanied us for the first part of the trip through the desert. We had a great time together. He also knows a lot about everything, knows just the right places to go visit, we travelled mainly off road through riverbeds, beautiful mountain passes towards the north. We visited some of the tribes, I learned a lot about the Namibian culture. Thank you Sven and Lesley for planning and providing me with such a great experience!