Feedback from Brigitte und Wolf-Reiner Neumann


visited Namibia during a photography trip with Wolfgang Bauer

We toured in April with Wolfgang Bauer and Juan Proll and really have ample time to discover and take photos. Both understood how to position us at spots so that we were the only people there and we could take photos to our heart’s content.


Feedback from Krysch Reinhard and Beni


visited Namibia on our Fascinating Namibia – guided lodge safari

We had a wonderful trip in Namibia that exceeded our expectations by far. Our ranger Juan has contributed much to make it an unforgettable experience; he has told us so much about the country, its history, people and animals.


Feedback from Renate and Reiner Schild von Spannenberg


visited Namibia on our Fascinating Namibia – guided lodge safari

What a fascinating trip! The time in Namibia will not be forgotten. On this trip in the Jeep we got to know an extraordinary country and can only say we are fans! Not only was this trip enjoyable through the harmony of the group – this was our biggest worry – but also through Juan our guide.


Feedback from Iris Fischer


visited Namibia and Botswana

Some things are worth waiting for. And we waited long…It took 3 years before we could come on our trip to Africa and again a few weeks to write this. For many years we loved America and Australia while Namibia never even featured on our radar, but our trip to Namibia and Botswana in November changed all that.


Feedback from Bernd & Antje


visited Namibia on our Fascinating Namibia – guided lodge safari

For our first visit to Africa we selected Namibia and arrived in Windhoek a bit tense. It ended up a splendid holiday. I don’t want to go into details about our trip (you can experience that yourself) but it is important to mention that everything was excellently organised. The route, accommodation and our guide Juan who took care of everything. We ‘experienced’ the history of the country and the unbelievable nature.